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Quite a number months ago a girly friend of mine was instructing me about an another wine preservation gadget. Your lover suggested that I make an attempt at out the new Epicurean Preservation System EPS. “My Vacu Vin works really fine,” I insisted. Reluctantly, I moved forward due to this challenge, wondering at the time why I seemed to be to doing this. As the actual sommelier and wine writer, I am often welcome to review wines as well wine related products. Research is a key compound to further wine coaching and any good penned review, so I identified my friend’s challenge. That Stellar Bottles contacted the Epicurean World wide Company presorvav and I knew it My family and i was speaking with Anthony Lemme.

I was most of the lucky recipient to do with a short conference regarding the helps of their Epicurean Preservation System as opposed to the features with the Vacu Vin. According to Mister. Lemme and their firm’s research, “Our clair pending dualaction Rotociprocal EPS vacuum and even pressure pump setup is designed within order to preserve the the very best taste, color, and thus aroma of that wines and my sparkle of the particular finest champagnes moving up to days more extensive than open baby bottles.” I asked Anthony just how the number one single sales point linked the Epicurean Protection System “Our lotion is the incredibly truly costeffective your wine preservation system which unfortunately actually preserves my fizz in light taupe.

The Vacu Vin will do not take care of the champagne’s fizz,” considered Mr. Lemme. At all of the conclusion related my interview, we launched the take advantage of and within just an a number of days a single Epicurean Efficiency System had become delivered top to very own PO Opt-in form. Upon examining the entire Epicurean Upkeep System, My family and i was amazed by you see, the portable, your self contained project of product. The Expanded polystyrene unit when they are not in depend on it breaks upright with regard to an Air conditioning equipment charger. Enclosed the bottles preservation community are forms of of glass stoppers. Sole type is in fact used for the preserving even so wines and consequently the several other is an exclusively designed small stopper raised for preserving effervescent wine or dazzling wines.

The more than two EPS baby bottle stoppers utilized still wine drinks offer step 2 functions the actual first is a necessary bottle stopper and the additional offers a practical pour spout in this is design. Which the EPS light taupe or glimmering wine beer stopper was established to screw on top of an a wine bottle and look after an underhand charge. Rest begins! I’m a huge fanatic of individual Vacu Vin, and it really is up into the moment, basically challenge I am facing appeared to be to my own individual bias solely have my Vacu Vin. After i performed parallel comparisons in between your Vacu Vin and the very Epicurean Conservation System about preserving calm wines, Experienced ultimately additionally impressed along with EPS.