Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug

July 2019 Off By admin

For The Lovers of Extreme Stretching and Filling You Can Inflate Your Ass to the Limit with the Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug
? Easy to use one hand pump
? Deflating valve to reduce the pressure quickly
? Gives maximum filling and stretching
The Super Large Inflatable Butt Plug is designed to give you the pleasures of varying fillings with only one plug. You can start with minimum filling and progress to maximum filling which makes it ideal for use by both beginner and experts.
The butt plug has a tapered tip that allows easy insertion and a flared base that prevent too deep penetration. The narrow neck holds the plug in Sexy Secretary Outfits position and prevents unwanted travel. The easy to use bulb inflates the butt plug to a circumference of approximately 8 inches.
The butt plug will give you amazing stimulations with every length that you inflate. It will hit all the sweet spots in your anal canal which will give intensified orgasms. Apply your favorite water base lube to reduce unwanted friction and for enhanced pleasures.
The compatible size of this plug, allows you to easily tag it along when going on a trip or vacation so as to enjoy its pleasures wherever you are. After every use, clean the plug in warm soapy water and allow it to dry before storage.